Pinturas de Colores


Boronatic is specialized in printing adhesive labels for paint containers. We offer printing services for products such as paint, thinners, inks, wood-treatment oils, sprays, interior paint, exterior paint, ecologic paint, industrial paint, waxes, oils, etc.

We work on finding practical solutions and adapting them to our clients’ needs and business model. To do it, we have in our hands the latest technology printing machinery that allows us to provide flexographic, serigraphic and offset digital printing. Moreover, we offer a great variety of finishing options including stamping, serigraphic relieves, embossed and laminated plasticized finishing.

We have a misprinting identification system that allows us to discard any printing mistake and replace it to ensure the quality of all our labels.

Moreover, our great experience in this sector and the commitment with leading companies endorse our efficiency, quality and professionalism.

Examples of labels for paint containers:

  • Labels for oils, waxes, acrylics…
  • Labels for inks
  • Labels for thinners
  • Labels for interior or exterior paint
  • Labels for sprays
  • Labels for industrial paint
  • Labels for ecological paint
  • Labels for paint containers
  • Labels for enameling products
  • Labels for wood-treatment oils

Boronatic adapts to your needs, so just request a quote and we will offer you the best solution for your company.