HP Latest technology in OFFSET Digital

Our modern and latest professional technology allows us to provide any specific printing need: flexographic, offset digital, serigraphic, reliefs and stamping.

Additionally, in order to cope with the increasing demand and to reduce the production time, we incorporated offset digital technology in 2007. This technology allows us to provide high quality offset printing with the advantages and flexibility that only digital technology can offer.

From then on, we have been replacing old machinery for the latest high-performance technology that appears in the adhesive label market.


Con fuertes depósitos de tinta en sus etiquetas para la obtención de colores vivos con resistencia y permanencia al aire libre.


A fast, economical and high quality process that allows you to get high quality labels in a short time at a competitive price; suitable for big amounts of labels.


Decoration to provide a quality-touch to your products with gold or silver effects and a wide range of colors by using hot or cold stamping.


Labels using braille point system for the benefit of blind people.


Make a specific area of the label heighten keeping a very pleasant touch and create an aesthetic sensation very useful for products that want to transmit an elegant and prestigious image.

Technology combinations

We can print high-complexity labels combining different printing techniques and finishing methods in the same product.