Adhesive label specialists

Specialists in manufacture of adhesive labels with over 30 years of experience

Pharmaceutical Industry

We are specialized in printing adhesive labels for pharmaceutical products including syrups, creams and ointments, pills and bottles.

Cosmetic Industry

We produce adhesive labels for cosmetic products such as perfume, make-up, beauty products, shampoos and creams.


We make labels for any human consumption container such as boxes, bottles, canned food, dairy, fruit and chocolate.

Wines and cavas

We offer adhesive labels for wines and cavas as well as packaging units and designation of origin.


We produce high quality adhesive labels suitable for thinners, cleaning products, oils, greases and paint.

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Boronatic produces and prints all kinds of adhesive labels for all sectors. We are a leading company in the adhesive label industry.

About Boronatic

Boronatic produces and prints all kinds of adhesive labels. We are a leading company in the adhesive label industry.

We have the latest high-performance technology to provide the best quality in all our services.

We work for different sectors, such as cosmetics, chemical, veterinarian and food industries.

We give shape to your ideas offering a global and personalized service adapted to your needs.

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