We offer a great range of finishing options for adhesive labels. They have been designed to adapt to the technical and graphical needs of every client and product. A great amount of the materials that we use are classified as PFEC or FSC.


  • Coated paper (shiny, matt, extra-matt, extra-shiny)
  • Thermal paper (non-protected, partly protected or protected)
  • Enological paper – specially designed for wine labels
  • Colored paper
  • Fluorescent paper
  • Metallized and laminated
  • Polypropylene (transparent, supertransparent, white) PP
  • Polyethylene (white, transparent) PE
  • Biodegradable films
  • Polyester films (metallic, transparent, white) PET
  • Holographic films
  • Special components


  • Standard
  • Permanent
  • Removable
  • Suitable for frozen goods
  • Suitable for food
  • Suitable for wet surfaces
  • Recoverable adhesives after washing
  • Hot melt adhesives to be used when great adhesion is needed
  • Special adhesive depending on the needs of a specific application


  • Several silicon thicknesses
  • Totally recyclable PP to improve the application productivity
  • PET for high-speed dispensing

Finishing options

  • Varnish
  • Plasticized (shiny, matt, textures)
  • Stamping for metallic finishing in a wide range of colors
  • Relief
  • Numbering
  • Die-cut or punched
  • Folded
  • Sheets – to be used for instance in a laser printing machine

Special inks

  • Thermochromic ink: It changes color when exposed to changes of temperature.
  • Photochromic ink: It changes color when exposed to ultraviolet light, usually from the sun or a black light, in a reversible way.
  • Phosphorescent ink: It shines when in a dark environment and it charges from any source of light.
  • Metallized ink: it creates impressive effects with metallized colors like gold, silver, bronze or copper.
  • Special pigments: particles that create different effects such as metallized, pearl, shiny, luminescent or iridescent.