We make specific labels for the textile sector such as size, barcode or identification labels.


More than 30 years of experience endorse us to make specific labels for printing machines, computers, phones and tablets.


We offer printing services for products such as fridges, washing and drying machines, dishwashers, ovens…


Quality and competitiveness allow us to offer printing services for logistic and transport industries.

Home fragrances

We make and print adhesive labels for home fragrances including air fresheners, cologne, incense, sprayers and candles.


We offer printing services for products such as softeners, soaps and any kind of cleaning liquid.

Plant protection

We offer specific labels for all plant protection products such as insecticide or pesticide products.


Paint, thinners, inks, wood-treatment oils, sprays… We offer adhesive labels adapted to our clients.


We produce high quality adhesive labels suitable for thinners, cleaning products, oils, greases and paint.

Greases and lubricants

Quality and competitiveness allow us to offer printing services for specialized industrial degreasers and lubricants.


Unique and high quality adhesive labels suitable for promotions of products, contests, special offers, sales…

Advertising and marketing

Promotions, advertising and marketing strategies… we have a wide range of finishing options to create high quality labels.

Packaged and handled

We offer labeling services for bottles, cans, tubes, boxes, glass bottles and plastic containers.


We make and print adhesive labels for all kind of welcoming products for the hotel industry.

Beverages and liquors

High quality adhesive labels for waters, liquors, juices, cold drinks, beer, coffee and infusions.

Wines and cavas

We offer adhesive labels for wines and cavas as well as packaging units and designation of origin.

Meat Industry

We offer labels for meat products using our advanced technology to comply with European legislation.

Nutrition and Dietetics

We print adhesive labels for dietetic products, infusions, sports nutrition and infant formulae.

Organic and ecologic food

We offer adhesive labels for any kind of organic and natural product such as dairy, fruit and eggs.


We make labels for any human consumption container such as boxes, bottles, canned food, dairy, fruit and chocolate.

Animal food and cosmetics

We offer label printing services for shampoos, food, perfumes and toys for pets.

Veterinarian industry

Producing and printing labels for medicines, syringes and antiparasitic drugs for animals stand out in our services.

Parapharmacy and Homeopathy

Printing services for products including creams, oils, soaps, vitamins, toothpaste, dietary supplements…

Cosmetic Industry

We produce adhesive labels for cosmetic products such as perfume, make-up, beauty products, shampoos and creams.

Pharmaceutical Industry

We are specialized in printing adhesive labels for pharmaceutical products including syrups, creams and ointments, pills and bottles.