Wines and cavas

Wines and cavas

Boronatic is specialized in printing adhesive labels. We are specialized in the production of labels for wines and cavas as well as all packaging elements derived from them: boxes for bottles, designation of origin labels, etc.

We produce specific self-adhesive labels for several wine and cava companies. We fulfill the most demanding expectations by creating labels with different techniques such as color stamping, relief, irregular die-cuts, Braille printing, transparencies

The label is one of the most important elements in a wine or cava since it is a key identifying and distinguishing factor for consumers. In many occasions, the label is the first information that one gets from the wine or cava, which implies that often the label of a bottle is immediately associated with the quality of the wine in it.

Our production department is able to provide any kind of printing technique following our standards of efficiency, quality and professionalism. Our latest machinery allows us to offer flexographic, serigraphic and offset digital techniques to adapt to the specific needs of every client.

Examples of labels for wines and cavas:

  • Labels for wine bottles
  • Labels for cava bottles
  • Labels for wine packaging
  • Labels for cava packaging

Boronatic adapts to your needs, so just request a quote and we will offer you the best solution for your company.