Meat Industry

Carne envasada

Meat Industry

Boronatic is specialized in producing and printing adhesive labels for meat industry. We use technology to produce labels for food goods such as cold meats, any kind of packed meat, designations of origins, etc.

As a company with proven experience in this sector, we make sure to rigorously follow current legislation towards labeling regulations for meat industry products that establish, amongst others, the importance of the legibility of all labels, the clear identification of the place of origin of the product, freezing and de-freezing dates, the expiration date or the net quantity.

We only use suitable materials according to food regulations in order to follow all the requirements and to offer a global and personalized service to our clients.

Moreover, with the latest machinery and printing techniques available, Boronatic allows you to print high quality labels in flexographic, serigraphic and offset digital techniques. Our high-performance professional printing machines ensure the best possible outcome of all our orders giving emphasis to our commitment to excellence.

Examples of labels for the meat industry:

  • Labels for containers
  • Labels for cold meat products
  • Labels for designations of origin
  • Quality labels
  • Information labels

Boronatic adapts to your needs, so just request a quote and we will offer you the best solution for your company.