Pharmaceutical Industry


Pharmaceutical Industry

Boronatic is specialized in producing and printing adhesive labels for the pharmaceutical industry. Amongst our services, creating labels for pharmaceutical products such as syrups, creams, ointments, pills, vials or hospital products stand out.

Labels in the pharmaceutical industry are extremely important since they need to include specific and important information to avoid misleading patients to any mistake when being medicated since it could prove critical. Amongst others, they need to clearly indicate and describe each medicine, to contribute to the ideal therapeutic result or to facilitate the recognition of the package to the patient.

Boronatic produces and distributes, both national and internationally, a wide range of proven high quality products. Our very latest technology machinery allows us to provide flexographic, serigraphic and offset digital printing. Moreover, we offer a great variety of finishing options such as stamping, serigraphic relieves, embossed and laminated plasticized finishing.

Rigorous quality control processes allow us to ensure the quality of our final products that, thanks to our vast experience in this field, endorse us to print labels for any pharmaceutical product.

Examples of labels for pharmaceutical industry products:

  • Labels for syrup
  • Labels for creams
  • Labels for ointments
  • Labels for glass or plastic bottles
  • Labels for pill packages
  • Labels for vials

Boronatic adapts to your needs, so just request a quote and we will offer you the best solution for your company.