Productos alimentarios


Boronatic is specialized in producing and printing adhesive labels for the food industry. We offer printing services for consumer goods such as any kind of container, canned food, dairy, fruit or chocolate.

We only use suitable materials according to health and food legislations offering a global and personalized service that allows us to be competitive in both quality and service.

All labels in consumer goods that we can find in shops and supermarkets give very useful and important information about the products that we are buying: the name, the brand, the expiration date, the nutritional value or the ingredients amongst other information. Moreover, they are a clear distinguishing element from the competition.

Labels must be clear, concise and avoid misleading anybody to an error and must always follow the current legislation including information such as the net amount, the best-before date, the production batch, the best storage conditions, the origin or the bar code.

Boronatic has more than 30 years of experience in the labeling sector and we use the best and latest printing technology to ensure the highest quality in all our products. Our machinery and the latest printing techniques allow us to optimize timing and costs. Moreover, we have specific systems to create bar codes, production batches and anti-theft security systems.

Examples of labels for food:

  • Nutritional information labels
  • Specific labels
  • Labels for containers
  • C/O labels

Boronatic adapts to your needs, so just request a quote and we will offer you the best solution for your company.